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Western Challenge
December 6-8, 2013

2013 Central Regionals
December 27
Holiday Classic
Dec. 28-29, 2013

Western Regionals
January 4-5, 2014

North American Championship
January 19-25, 2014
Western Region
Registration, check in, and opening ceremonies are Saturday, January 18 with first mini qualifier Sunday morning, January 19.

2014 Central Regionals
To Be Announced

Gold Cup & European Championship
March 1-8, 2014


Western Challenge
December 1-2, 2012

2012 NA Ice Optimist Championships
December 1-2, 2012
(in conjunction with the 2012 Western Challenge.
Training day November 30, 2012)

Western Regionals
January 5-6, 2013

Central Lakes &
Central Ice Optimist Championships

Check the DN Forum for more information

DN Gold Cup & North Americans
Jan 26 - Feb 2, 2013
Central Region

Sailing World Magazine Video Click to watch video.

Hoop's Ride

Get a real feel for what it's like to sail a DN with C2 components as you watch John Harper sail a couple of laps on Sand Lake in Michigan.

My Father's Headstone

We have chosen to honor my father's legacy by including his Renegade on his headstone.

Passing of a Legend
Lorne Sherry

Link to obituary.
UPDATE: Here is the eulogy which Ron delivered at his father's funeral.
Click here to read.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of the man who has had the biggest influence on Ron's life, his father, Lorne Sherry. He was a well-known Renegade ice boat sailor and won the International Renegade Ice Yachting Association Championship in 1972, 1973, and 1984. He won the Renegade title in the Northwest Ice Yachting Association regatta in 1987 and 2001.
One of Ron's best memories was the time he and his father tried out for the 1984 Olympics sailing a Tornado together. "We ended up 11th and had two second place finishes in the last two races. It was such a great experience to do that with my father." Lorne and Ron with their Renegade ice boats on Lake Mendota in Madison, WI.

Here's an interview with the 3 generations of Sherry ice boaters Lorne, Ron, and Ron's son, Griffin. These two clips are Loren's portion of the interview.

DN Regatta Dates for
2013-2014 Season

Western Challenge
December 6-8, 2013 in MN

2013 Central Regionals
December 27, 2013 Holiday Classic
December 28-29, 2013 Central Regionals

Western Regionals
January 4-5, 2014
Western Region

North American Championship
January 19-25, 2014
Western Region
Registration, check in, and opening ceremonies are Saturday, January 18 with first mini qualifier Sunday morning, January 19.

2014 Central Regionals
To Be Announced

Gold Cup & European Championship
March 1-8, 2014

Baikal & Asia Cup
April 5-15, 2014
Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

2006 North American Championship Photos

Merili Randma and Ron,
"Here are some pictures from the last time the Estonian princess, Merili Randma, graced our fleet in 2006 at the North American Championships on Lake Pepin where she took first place in the Silver fleet."

View from Equation

"Here's picture that Mike Rehe took from the top of the mast on Equation during our Friday night Booze Cruise on Lake Charlevoix before the Red Fox Regatta. Dr. John Harper is at the helm. Tom Dawson and his wife Lorie are on board. Chris Clark is our navigator. We definitely have a few ice boaters scattered among the 20 crew."
See more photos here.

2013 Mackinac Race

The crew of Equation readies for the race.
Ron is at the helm of Equation today for the 2013 Chicago to Mackinac race. Follow the action here.

Hello Eloise Dennis!

John Dennis and fiance Anji Johnson celebrated the birth their daughter, Eloise, today, June 17. She was born at 5:47 PM and weighs 7 lbs. 11 oz. Congratulations JD and Anji!!!!

Ron in Russia

2 Stories In The Russian Media:
"Lake Baikal hosted international competitions in ice sailing. Five days in the Gulf of Kurminskom 50 riders competed with each other to become the owner of the Cup of Baikal. Was the most successful sailor from the United States Ron Sherry, who won almost all the races...." Click here to continue reading.

4-12-2013: DN Worlds to Baikal in 2016?
"Vladimir Silkin visited regatta in the class DN ice yacht on Lake Baikal During President Vladimir Silkin RYF on "Cup of Baikal" by buernomu sport meeting of the heads of Russian Yachting Federation with Irkutsk Region Governor Sergei Eroschenko on which agreement was reached on the Baikal World Championship in ice boat in 2016." Continue reading.

Asia Cup and Baikal Cup results are posted here.

The first video from Lake Baikal.
Click here to watch on Youtube.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Van Egmond
Click on the photo to see what Ron's steering runner shouldn't be doing.

Photo Credit: Alexadra van Egmond
Ron is back from Russia and has many stories, photos, and video to share on the blog. Inadequate internet access made it impossible to keep the blog updated while he was there but he did keep a record s and will be sharing that in the upcoming days.

Ron on Fox Sports 1

Tune in and set your DVR to the Jones and Moseley Show on
Fox Sports 1 Sunday, November 17, 2013 at 8 PM CST when they'll be running a clip about the ice sailing regatta on Lake Baikal in Siberia.

Swap Meets Completed: Ready for the Season

Photo Courtesy Gull Lake Ice Yacht Club
Here's Ron at the Gull Lake Ice Yacht Club's swap meet describing how easy it is to build a DN hull at home. The full size plans that are available make it so easy. It's a great project for a group of friends or parents and children. If you have any questions about building your own hull, contact Ron by email or give him a call at 586-790-5557.

Check out this split screen video of the third race on Lake Baikal in Siberia from April 2013

See what's in Ron's head and how he works the boat during a race. Click here to see full screen.
DN Ice Yacht Racing on Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia. Read more about sailing on Lake Baikal here on
"Ron in Russia".

Under Construction

A new DN hull build for Greg Smith on the bench at Composite Concepts.


"It takes a brave heart, a keen interest in cryogenics, and a thick coating of neoprene to climb into an iceboat and fly across a frozen lake at upwards of 60 miles per hour. But hey, hard-water sailors don't mind. What else would they do with all their free time?" Click here to continue reading one of the best stories ever written about ice boating.

Latest Baby Pictures from Merili

"Merili's daughter, Danilla was born 10-12-12. She is 11 months old and can already walk and speak 3 languages. They are all very happy."

Fresh Runners

A new batch of runners at Composite Concepts.

Mackinac Pictures

Welcome Amelia!

Amelia, born on July 24, and her father, Jimmy Hadley.

"Young boaters seeing success at Mackinac"

The Timesherald.com
"When Griffin Sherry walks on the docks at Port Huron Yacht Club before the Mackinac Race, he will stick out. The Fast Tango crew member has two top finishes in the Mackinac Race and two first-place finishes and one second place in the Chicago to Mackinac Race, but that’s not the only peculiarity he carries."
Continue reading.

Equation Prepares for Bayview to Mackinac

By Thomas Franz
C & G Sports Writer

" Members of Equation look to repeat as Bayview Mackinac champions PORT HURON — There is no shortage of experience among the sailors who will be on board Equation for this summer’s Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac race. Equation took first place in the 2013 edition of the event by winning the shore course division..." Continue reading.
You can track the progress of Equation and the boat that Griffin is sailing on, Fast Tango, here.

A True Fish Story!

Top left, proud dad Rick Paoletti, me, TJ and the man of the hour, Giovanni Paoletti with fish, bottom right his little brother Geitanno Paoletti. "On Sunday afternoon, July 6th, we were fishing at CSYC in our favorite spot where you can bring up rock bass almost as fast as you put a worm in the water. Suddenly, we realized that this little boy Giovanni had not caught a fish so I started teaching him how to use a sinker with an Eagle claw hook. He was still having trouble so I took the pole to show him the technique of bouncing the sinker off the bottom inbetween the rocks so the worm is just above the bottom. I hooked a small rock bass and handed him the pole. He was very excited and started to wind him in when a large mouth bass went after his little fish. Again and again the large mouth went after the little fish. The big fish would grab the little fish and swim away with it, and he would try and wind him in. We got out the net, but when the large fish saw the net it really swam away. TJ suggested we lower the little fish deeper into the water and he came back and some how we ended up hooking the big fish with the little fish in tow. By this time the large mouth was tired out and we were able to net him. What a riot it was with 8 of us cheering and looking over the edge of the sea wall. This was the big fish that did not get away, and a great story we will all talk about for years."

C2 Summer Production

Here's two new DNs under construction for a couple of sailors in Illinois.

TBT: 1982 Gold Cup

Throw Back Thursday:
Here we are after the 1982 Gold Cup in Wittensee, Germany. Fom left,the late and great Jan Gougeon of Bay City, MI-first place, me (Ron Sherry)-second, Vaiko Vooramaa of Estonia/USSR-third, Goran Tell of Sweden-fourth, and Harald Stuertz of West Germany, fifth.

2 Used DNS for Sale

More information on the Used Boats page.

Tornado Throw
Back Thursday

"This the last time my dad, Lorne, and I raced together. We competed in the Tornado class from 1978-1985. In 1984, we went to Long Beach and tried out for the Olympics. Dad continued to sail the Tornado with my sisters."

Thistle Throw
Back Thursday

"Here we are twenty five years ago sailing a Thistle with my wife, Renee, my sister Loretta Sherry Rehe, and her two boys, Mike and Dan."

John Larson US1195

"I'm sorry to report that John Larsen DN US1195 passed away on Friday, May 2, 2014. He was a past Commodore of the North Shrewsbury Ice Boat & Yacht Club in Red Banks, New Jersey. He was a true innovator who was the first DNer to use 440C stainless steel in his runners and the first to ever stone his runner by hand. He holds the New Jersey record for catching the largest lobster by hand while scuba diving. Link to obituary."

2014 Baikal Cup

My good friend Torsten "The Candy Man" Siems G666 with Baikal Cup race committee member Natali Burdukovskaya. Congratulations to Oleg Vasilev R1 for place first in the Baikal Cup. Baikal Cup results Congratulations to Jost Kolb G936 for placing first in the Asia Cup.

Stay Tuned for
"Ron's Happy Ending"

Ron and Ain Vilde of Estonia, winner of the very first Gold Cup sailed on Gull Lake in Michigan in 1973.

With sail maker Mike Boston, last minute tune ups before leaving for the DN Gold Cup and European Championship in Europe.

TJ, Griffin, and Frankie in Sailing Magazine

There's an article about Griffin, TJ, and Frankie Hearn in the February issue of Sailing Magazine. It's not available online but you can pick it up at a store or download it on your Ipad. Really nice interviews with all three of them.

DIYC Meeting

Some members of the Detroit Ice Yacht Club got together on February 13 for a special meeting.

Shop News: Good & Bad

"Here's Andy Teets from New Hampshire new complete boat. Also you can see Griffin's boat which we put back together. The side board and bottom skin were cracked at the North Americans, so we routed the bottom skin off, repaired the side board, and put a new bottom skin on. When we double checked our alignment we found that Griffin also had a bent chock, so we replaced that as well. The good news is that Griffin will be faster. The bad news is that Griffin will be faster."

Andy Teet's new DN.

Griffin's sideboard repair

Ice Sailing Videos

Piotr Burczynski P15

Have a look at these You Tube videos. There are several different short clips of ice boat racing from the USSR, Poland, and Estonia to name a few. Look for the really cool wing masts.

Ron's 2014 North Americans Report

"As I came out of the boat, my legs took the tiller with me causing the boat to turn hard right. My shoulder got hung up on the side stay and as the boat spun out, I was sling-shotted away from the boat." Read the whole story here.

2014 North Americans Complete

Congratulations to all competitors including Mark "The Doctor" Christensen for second place with only one point separating first and second. Congratulations to Steve Orelebeke for third place and to Mike Derusha for fourth.
Results here. Stand by for a regatta report from Ron soon.

First Sailing Day of the North Americans

Thursday, January 23 finally saw was first day of sailing at the 2014 DN North Americans with one Silver fleet qualifier on Lake Champlain in Plattsburgh, New York. Griffin Sherry and Steve Orlebeke participated in the opening ceremonies.

On The Road
to the North Americans

"Does anyone know where we are going?" The answer is yes, we are on the way to Plattsburgh, New York where we will register for the 2014 North American championship on Wednesday night. Stay tuned for more from the road. All official information is posted on the DN website.

Griffin Sherry's 2013 Centrals Report

Photo Credit: Catherine Firmbach
"It’s really important not to worry about how well you do but to have fun, that’s the most important part of any sailing. If you aren’t having fun, you are in the wrong sport."
Read Griffin's first ever regatta report here.

"Ice Boating Championships
Held on Lake St. Clair"

The Macomb Daily
By Tom Watts
January 5, 2014
"It was 'like father like son' last weekend on frozen Lake St. Clair when Griffin Sherry of Clinton Township won the Central Lakes Regional Ice Boating championships."
Click here to continue reading article.

" Wind Power"
on All Russian TV:
Now Translated

IDNIYRA Europe Commodore Joerg Bohn interviewed for Russian TV on Lake BaikalCheck out this great 13 minute video about the 2013 Baikal Cup from Russian television. Many thanks to our good friend, Valeriy Dichenko R166, from Vladivostok who took the time to translate the video into English.
Read the translation here.

Latest Baby Pictures from Merili

Here's Danilla and Merili C49 from Estonia. Danilla turned 1 in October.

Sharing the Wisdom

Got a bottle of wine and no corkscrew? No problem! You never know what useful pearls of wisdom you might learn in the hotel hallway at a DN regatta. KC 4536 Bob Crinion passes along his knowledge of how to remove a cork using a screwdriver and a string during the 2013 Western Challenge regatta in LaCrosse, WI.
1. Push cork into the wine bottle with with a screwdriver or something similiar
2. Tie a double figure eight knot on a piece of string
3. Push the knotted end of the string into the wine bottle and get it past the cork
4. Pull the string and cork out of the bottle
5. Enjoy your corkless wine!

2013 Western Challenge Results

Photo Credit: Jim McDonagh
Griffin, Ron, and TJ

From iceboating.net
"Congratulations to Mr. Ron Sherry for a strong showing on Sunday in the light air. He came back to win the regatta and at the same time he had a great time getting his boys out on the ice for an epic father son weekend." Continue reading.

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