USA 323
Santa Cruz 70

Follow EQUATION in the 2019 Chicago Mackinac Race

Follow EQUATION in the 2019 Chicago Mackinac Race

Follow EQUATION in the 2019 Chicago Mackinac race,

Saturday, July 13th,
EQUATION start is at 1:30 pm (Central Time) – Class: Section 1
Mackinac Cup Division – Section 1 – Scheduled Starting Time: Saturday 1330 CDT
For Crew and Detailed Information of Equation
Click here – http://competitor.cycracetomackinac.com/boatdetail.cfm?ID=536

For race info go to http://www.cycracetomackinac.com/the-race

Section 01 / Chicago-Mackinac Trophy Division
Sail number Boat Name Yacht Type Length Club ORR UP ORR AP ORR OW
USA 97999 Arctos Andrews 70 68 Bayview Yacht Club 1.1691 1.1685 1.1573
USA 52575 Defiance Judel-Vrolijk 66 66 Chicago Yacht Club 1.2226 1.2214 1.2103
USA 84003 Denali^3 Ker 46+ 46 Little Traverse Yacht Club 1.1491 1.1566 1.1464
USA 52701 Dynamis Santa Cruz 70 68 Detroit Yacht Club 1.1263 1.1316 1.1265
USA 323 Equation Santa Cruz 70 68 Bayview Yacht Club 1.1274 1.1336 1.1302
USA 70 Evolution Santa Cruz 70 68 Bayview Yacht Club 1.1228 1.1276 1.1220
USA 88528 Heartbreaker Transpac 52 52 Macatawa Bay Yacht Club 1.2432 1.2512 1.2370
USA 143 Longbow Owen Clarke 40 40 None 1.1394 1.1411 1.0915
USA 52329 Mockingbird Transpac 52 52 Columbia Yacht Club 1.1829 1.1973 1.1988
USA 5252 Natalie J Transpac 52 52 Bayview Yacht Club 1.1810 1.1940 1.1907
USA 77984 Sagamore Nelson Marek 68 68 Chicago Yacht Club 1.0768 1.0837 1.0839
USA 25168 Stripes Santa Cruz 70 68 Bayview Yacht Club 1.1146 1.1217 1.1213
USA 482 Talisman Botin Carkeek 58 58.4 Little Traverse Yacht Club 1.1048 1.1027 1.0998
USA 52012 Vincitore Reichel/Pugh 52 52 Chicago Yacht Club 1.1728 1.1845 1.1868
USA 52015 Windquest Transpac 52 52 Macatawa Bay Yacht Club 1.2473 1.2547 1.2380

Now the fun part….
This is how you can track EQUATION in Section 1

The Yellowbrick Race Tracking Viewer can be viewed by these methods:
Online at http://cf.yb.tl/chicagomack2018

iPhone and iPad users can download the Yellowbrick app at:

Android users can download the race viewer at:

At the left side of the screen click teams.
At the top of the small box select Class filter.
Check Class: Section 1
After you see the boats on the map, you can put the mouse over a boat and it will pop up to give you the name and speed.
If you click on a boat it will give you speed and heading.

Team Equation

Ron’s 2018 Bayview Mackinac Report

“A slow Bayview Mackinac race is in the books. The start was postponed until 4:10 PM on Saturday and we finished on Monday about the same time. We had our share of 00.00 on the knot meeter as well as biting flies which made it hard to sleep. We had two beautiful sunsets and two new-moon star filled nights. We had 17 incredible characters pushing this 70 foot boat as hard as we could during the whole race. We had a great start in almost no wind. We had a great battle with Details after the start but got out into the lead. We fought hard all the way to Cove Island light but Stripes ended up beating us there by about a mile. Details was 3 1/2 miles and Evolution was 15 miles behind us. After Cove Island we had the 3-A up and were reaching at 10 Kts. straight towards the island. We sailed by Stripes and were gaining huge amounts on the boats behind us. Then the wind shut off again and Evolution and Details passed us by going hard left after Cove Island. They ended up passing us by catching a huge left shift in all places Hammond Bay. With 20 mile beat to go we were behind them all. This set up a great 4 boat battle to see who would get line honors for our class. The wind was blowing 15 plus and shifting a lot. Equation with its new keel and 17 guys on the rail sailed right through the fleet. We were the 4th boat to the finish line. Only three A class boats beat us to the island. We were first to finish in our class by 4 minutes but corrected to 3rd in class. Stripes and Details saved their time on us. Thanks to Bill Alcott and Tom Anderson for providing the awesome sailing machine Equation. Thanks also to Stu Thompson and Austin Colpaert for having the boat so well prepared.”

Equation Wins Section 01 / Mackinac Cup Division.

“Wow, Equation first in class! First over all so far in the 333 mile Chicago to Mackinac race. One of the toughest races I ever competed in. It blew hard from the north up to 30 kts the whole way with huge waves. We never put up a spinnaker or a jib top or a staysail. It was up wind against the waves the whole way. We had 17 crew that never left the rail. Most of the crew only went below to put dry clothes on or bring snacks up for the rest of the crew. WHAT A SUPER HUMAN EFFORT!!! The big difference was when the call was made to sail right up the middle of the lake on port tack Sunday morning taking the best of what Lake Michigan had to offer, WOW. The pounding Equation and the crew took was brutal, but we got a 25 degree left wind shift with lots of leverage and reached across the fleet with a huge lead we would never relinquish. We finished at 4:00 am this morning (July 23), and all the bars were closed, but don’t worry we will get our fair share today.”
Ron Sherry