Ron Sherry Dn Mast

Griffin & Ron Sherry build a DN mast at Offshore Spars.

Composite Concepts is launching a brand new website! A new website? Yes! The address will remain the same but will offer the latest in web-design technology and user-friendly navigation. If you are comfortable with the old site, there will be a link to easily connect you to it.

More great news! Composite Concepts is excited to announce a new partnership with Offshore Spars, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of aluminum and composite spars as well as other structures. Together, we will bring unprecedented world-class experience, innovation and expertise into the iceboat market. Since its inception in 1976, Offshore Spars has thrived on offering sterling customer service and producing top shelf product. From spinnaker poles to super yachts, Offshore Spars has the knowledge and expertise to set your boat apart. Based in Chesterfield, MI, OffShore Spars has a 36,000 square foot facility that utilizes a 110 foot autoclave, machining, water jet cutting, standing and running rigging, paint booth, engineering, and is a Harken distributor. For more information go to

After 15 years of sail making, Ron Sherry went to work at Offshore Spars as a production manager from 1992 through 1995. Among other high profile projects, Ron worked on the construction of the mast, boom, and spinnaker poles for Bill Koch’s Mighty Mary during his second America’s Cup Campaign.

Creating Composite Concepts in 1995, Ron has built and distributed over 1,000 DN masts. Composite Concepts masts showed up for the first time at the DN North American Championship in 1996 and won all ten of the top ten spots. Since 1996 Composite Concepts masts have won 20 of the last 21 North American Championships, 8 World Championships, and 4 European Championships with 7 different skippers winning the titles.

In 1999, after spending a day analyzing the DN masts and process in the Gougeon Brothers Lab in Bay City, the QIL or Quasi Isotropic Layup mast was born. Since 2,000, 104 QIL masts have been built by Composite Concepts with no failures. More recently, the folks at Composite Concepts have built several masts at Offshore Spars. The masts are coming out beautifully and the seamless process and partnership is providing the inspiration to keep moving forward. We are in the process of experimenting with prepreg carbon mast test pieces. Stay on top of the information on all of our latest products to help you quench your thirst for speed at our newly redesigned website,