“Great 50th anniversary party last weekend at the Gougeon brothers plant. Wonderful party filled with food, drinks, boats, and lots and lots of great friends all together to celebrate 50 years of making it easy for anyone to build their ultimate toys. Here are some pictures from over the years that mean a lot to me. There are more photos from the party posted on the IDNIYRA website.” Ron

The crew of SLINGSHOT with Ron* on the far right, a boat created by the Gougeon brothers, Harken, and North Sails to break the speed record.
From the Gougeon website:

The Gougeon Brothers are commissioned to build SLINGSHOT, 60′ proa/trimaran, for Karl Thomas of Troy, Michigan. The purpose was to challenge the World’s Sailing Speed Record in England. Designed by Georg Thomas, it features a flattened after-section for planing and can reach speeds of over 40 mph.

Harken, Slingshot and the Sailing Speed Record by Olaf Harken
*For God’s sake, Ron, don’t be a tucker!

Jan and Mead wearing ADIAGO crew shirts. From the Gougeon website:

The trimaran ADAGIO is launched. She’s the first large, all epoxy bonded and sealed wooden boat built without the use of fasteners. Meade and Jan Gougeon built her in just six months. She’s been sailing on the Great Lakes ever since and continues to be a serious contender in the Mackinac races. ADAGIO is proof that fully bonded monocoque structures can be built to last for generations.

ADIAGO is still racing and won its class again at the 2019 Chicago to Mackinac race. When the boat retires from racing, it is scheduled to go into the Smithsonian Institution!

John Thomas (nephew of Jan and Meade), Jan Gougeon, and Ron at an EQUATION party on Mackinac Island after the Chicago to Mackinac race.

Jan and Mead won the 2002 Bayview to Mackinac race on ADIAGO. From left Butch Babcock, Jan Gougeon, Mead Gougeon, and JR Watson.